Gun Owner Survey: What Do You Think About These Critical 2A Issues In Tennessee?

1. Should Tennessee pass an “Assault Weapons” ban, which would outlaw the AR15 and most commonly owned semi-automatic firearms in order to reduce crime?
2. Should Tennessee pass a ‘Red Flag’ gun seizure law, which would allow Tennessee judges to order firearms confiscated from anyone they decide is a threat to others, thereby bypassing the due-process rights of the accused gun owner?
3. Should the Tennessee General Assembly pass a law that prevents Tennessee law enforcement from enforcing federal gun-control laws, agency rulings or the executive orders of an anti-gun President?
4. Do you support allowing armed school resource officers or teachers who have been trained in firearm safety to carry concealed firearms to protect school children from violent attackers?
5. Should Tennessee pass a statewide firearms registration law that would force gun owners to enter each firearm they own into a federal gun database or else forfeit their guns and their freedom?
6. Do you believe Tennessee’s US Senate delegation should vote against any United Nations treaty that strips the U.S. of its sovereignty and gives U.N. bureaucrats the power to regulate the small arms owned by millions of Americans?
7. Do you support mandatory background checks to purchase ammunition or firearm accessories?
8. Will you support Tennessee Gun Owners’ mission to fight for gun rights in Nashville WITHOUT compromising, without backing down and without negotiating away our freedoms?
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