Stop Biden’s Gun Control in Tennessee!

The Radical Left wants to dismantle our 2nd Amendment freedoms through federal laws and Executive Orders so that ‘We the People’ will be helpless serfs, unable to stop their tyrannical agenda!

We say ‘HELL NO’ and we are fighting to pass the Second Amendment Protection Act here in Tennessee.

The Second Amendment Protection Act would defang federal gun-control laws in Tennessee by requiring that Tennessee cops enforce Tennessee laws when it comes to firearms, ammunition and accessories — ignoring federal gun control laws entirely.

And if a liberal police chief orders his department to violate SAPA law and enforce Biden’s tyranny, YOU can take that agency into civil court where the fines start at $50,000!

This law is already in place and protecting law abiding gun owners in Missouri.  And now that Constitutional Carry has been passed into law, it’s high time that Tennessee politicians get off their backsides and fight for us by passing SAPA here, too!

SIGN your official petition to your State Rep. and State Senator demanding that they support, co-sponsor, push and vote for SAPA law in the General Assembly!

Once you’ve done that, take the next step and become a member of Tennessee Gun Owners so that we can keep fighting for you in Nashville and in D.C.!