Tell your Rep: Co-Sponsor Bryan Richey’s Pro-Gun Bill!

State Representative Bryan Richey (R-Maryville) is sponsoring one of the most pro-gun bills in Tennessee history.

If passed, we know this bill would:

  • Implement the Missouri-styled “Second Amendment Preservation Act” that stops Joe Biden’s gun-control permanently by prohibiting Tennessee cops from enforcing federal gun control, and provides PENALTIES if they do!
  • Removes the default prohibition on Tennessee gun owners from carrying firearms ‘with the intent to go armed.’
  • Changes our carry statutes from a concealed handgun law to a concealed firearm law – so that lawful Tennesseans can carry any legally-owned firearm they possess for self-defense, not just handguns.
  • And more!

But to get this bill over the finish line, we’ve got to make a strong showing of support from the outset.

That’s why its critical that Tennessee gun owners FLOOD the inboxes of their State Rep. in Nashville urging them to co-sponsor and support Rep. Richey’s pro-gun bill!

And after you’ve taken action, chip in whatever you can afford to give so we can mobilize the grassroots in support of this bill!