Tell Governor Lee to Sign Teacher Carry!

The Tennessee General Assembly just passed Senate Bill 1325 and put it in Governor Lee’s desk, a bill that creates a process for school teachers and staff to carry a handgun on school property.

Unlike gun-control bills that don’t do anything to stop violent crime, this bill turns our schools from soft targets to hard targets, and makes criminals think that someone in the school may be armed – deterring them from committing violent crime.

Gov, Lee has until May 6 to sign the bill, let it become law without his signature, or veto the bill.

That’s why every Tennessee gun owner needs to BOMBARD the email inbox and phone line of Governor Lee, urging him to sign Senate Bill 1325 into law, and abandon his effort to pass gun-control bills like Red Flag Gun Confiscation that don’t do a thing to stop violent crime!

And after you’ve done that and shared this information with everyone you know, please make a chip-in contribution to help TGO put the pressure on Governor Lee to sign the bill into law!