Vote NO on Gun Control!

The Tennessee House of Representatives is hearing MAJOR gun control bills in the Criminal Justice Committee this week, and these bills could pass if gun owners don’t act now!

These are nasty:

  • HB2333 – Bans homemade firearms
  • HB2336 – Bans 80% lower receivers
  • HB2606 – Red Flag Gun Confiscation
  • HB2192 – Implements a DEADLY 14-day waiting period to purchase a firearm.
  • HB2196 – Bans speed loaders
  • HB2277 – Bans firearm sale to adults aged 18-21
  • HB1600 – Prohibits the purchase or possession of firearms by Tennesseans under 25

And many more!

That’s why Tennessee gun owners must BLAST the email inboxes and phone lines of the politicians in the General Assembly demanding that they stop, block, and vote HELL NO on these gun control bills!

And after you’ve done that and shared this information with everyone you know, please make a chip-in contribution to help TGO activate grassroots gun owners against gun control in Nashville!