The Groups Behind Bill Lee’s Gun Control

The Groups Behind Bill Lee’s Gun Control

Tuesday, August 15th, 2023
When the woman pretending to be a man walked into the Covenant School in the Green Hills neighborhood of Nashville and murdered three little Christian kids and three Christian adults, the Radical Left immediately began beating their drums for gun-control.

The Fake News joined in. Joe Biden joined in. The gun-grabbers in Congress joined in.

But then “Republican” Governor Bill Lee joined in.

And even though the Tennessee General Assembly was in its final weeks of legislative session, Bill Lee demanded that the General Assembly pass a gun-control bill that has never and will never stop a single killer: Red Flag Gun Confiscation.

So gun owners went to work, doing what Americans do best when it comes to tyrants: we said NO.

Thankfully, the Tennessee General Assembly got the message, ending their 2023 regular session without passing the Lee-Biden gun-control.

But then Bill Lee took a barrel of gas and threw it onto the gun-control crowd’s flaming fever to pass their agenda in a “Red” state like Tennessee when he promised the Fake News media that he was going to call a “special session” to pass Red Flag gun confiscation.

Make no mistake about it, by doing this, Bill Lee gave the green light to every far-Left organization in Tennessee that you can think of to start mobilizing, and let me tell you, they are gearing up for battle during the special session that is set to gavel in on August 21.

Here’s a list of just SOME of the organizations planning on bombarding the capitol building, thanks to Bill Lee’s betrayal:

Moms Demand Action – TN (Bloomberg-funded)
Moms Demand Action – National (Bloomberg-funded)
Students Demand Action – National (Bloomberg-funded)
March for Our Lives – National (Oprah, likely Soros-funded)
Giffords – National
Brady Campaign – National
Tennessee Advocates for Planned Parenthood
Rise & Shine TN

These are just SOME of the gun-control organizations converging on Nashville next week, all thanks to Governor Bill Lee.

But governor Lee isn’t the only “Republican” who supports Tennessee passing a due-process-killing Red Flag law.

Lieutenant Governor Randy McNally supports it.

House Republican Caucus Leader William Lamberth said that “all ideas are still on the table.”

Senator Jack Johnson stated his support for it, and even went so far as to say that the Red Flag Gun Confiscation law should be rebranded as an ‘Order for Protection’ so that it is easier to pass:

if you say “Red Flag” its dead…. ERPO is better and I think that term is so bastardized, its been so tainted, yeah Red Flag laws, so we have to rebrand that in terms of … in able to get something passed.”

The fact of the matter is that Governor Lee, Senate Speaker McNally, House Speaker Cameron Sexton, and myriad other “Republicans” are openly flirting and toying with the idea of passing a ‘Red Flag’ law, even when we know without a doubt that it will not save a single life.

California, New York and Maryland all have Red Flag laws. Chicago has one, too, and it turns into a war zone every Friday night that the temperature is above sixty degrees.

Red Flag laws, “mental health” reforms and gun-control laws fail at achieving their own stated goal because of the golden rule: criminals and killers don’t obey laws.

That’s why the RINO attempt to appease the Radical Left, the Fake News media and the voters who did not vote them into office in the first place is so egregious, and it is why it must be stopped.

So please click and send your emails AGAINST Red Flag Gun Confiscation for Tennessee so that the politicians in Nashville get the message: HELL NO on gun-control.


And when you are finished, please chip in whatever you can afford to help Tennessee Gun Owners ratchet up the pressure on the politicians in Nashville who are pushing this tyranny.

For Tennessee,

Chris Dorr, Director
Tennessee Gun Owners
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