“This is just the beginning.”

“This is just the beginning.”

Thursday, August 17th, 2023

Friend, at the end of this article, I’m going to ask you to join Tennessee Gun Owners as a dues-paying member.

It will probably take ten minutes of your time to read this article all the way through, but I’m asking you to do it as a personal favor to me and as a favor to yourself, your kids and your grandkids.

There is much at stake.

We are in a culture war against the Radical Left and we have a lot of work to do if we are going to safeguard our freedoms and pass them on to the next generation.

I believe that Tennessee Gun Owners will play a pivotal role in making sure Tennessee stays “Red” going forward, and I believe that this organization has the winning strategy and tactics necessary to make it far more pro-gun than it is, no matter the fact that the Left has targeted Tennessee for a liberal takeover.

But before I ask you to become a member of Tennessee Gun Owners, please let me explain the reasons why I think we can be excellent advocates for your firearm freedoms in Nashville.

Launching the Left

When Governor Lee revealed his yellow stripes and called for a Special Session of the Tennessee General Assembly to consider his Red Flag Gun Confiscation, he essentially waved the green starting flag at Bristol for the gun-grabbers…

Lee STARTED a massive push/movement for gun-control in Tennessee that had no political power until he gave it to them.

Leftist, liberal organizations like “Rise and Shine Tennessee,” for example, got new life breathed into their mission to totally destroy gun rights in Tennessee, and they’re capitalizing on every single minute, growing their numbers and support base exponentially.

Here are some of their Instagram posts:

The Left’s Plan for Tennessee

To be clear, these Marxist hardliners want TOTAL gun-control, contrary to their pastel, neutral-color meme posts:

“To ensure our safety, we demand legislation that includes safe storage in cars and homes, magazine capacity limits, investments in the background check systems, universal background checks, waiting periods, training by certified instructors, temporary ex parte removal of firearms from those who are a risk to themselves or others, and a total ban on the production and distribution of semi-automatic sporting rifles in our state.”

Translated into free American, the Radical Left wants:

➜ ➜ A total ban on semi-automatic rifles, from your AR15’s all the way down to your Ruger 10/22’s.

➜ ➜ A statewide gun owner database with complete firearm registration, so that gun owners can be tracked, traced and registered like sex-offenders.

➜ ➜ Red Flag Gun Confiscation where the petition can petition the court at a star-chambered hearing, where the accused is not able to defend themselves until AFTER they have been robbed of their rights by a liberal, lunatic judge.

➜ ➜ Waiting periods for purchasing a firearm in the first place, regardless of the fact that a right delayed is a right denied.

➜ ➜ Mandatory Gun Lockups so that the firearms you are still “allowed” to own are totally unusable.

There is no room for compromise with these people.

They cannot be appeased, and they will not be satisfied until the individual right of firearms ownership in America is obliterated.

THAT is why Tennessee Gun Owners was formed, and it is why I hope you will join today as a member of “TGO.”  (LINK)

Lefty Friends

The Left is pushing their agenda at every front, on every single issue and using every single platform to do it.

They have friends helping them.

In the halls of the capitol in Nashville to the halls of Congress, their allies in elected office are constantly moving the ball down the field, pushing for roll-call votes, doing press conferences, demanding action for their agenda.

Their friends in the Fake News publish every article, skew every fact and distort every truth.

Their adherents in our taxpayer-funded school systems teach kids what to think instead of how to think, indoctrinating them with a Marxist ideology that cranks out voters who hate the Founders and hate America with every graduating class.

And they all look out for and support each other: the pro-abortion activists support the gun-control agenda, the gun-control activists support the gender-mutilation surgery for school kids agenda, the gender mutilation activists support the forced vaccination agenda, and the list keeps going.

At Tennessee Gun Owners, we know and understand all of the above, but remain undeterred and unafraid.


We are in a full-blown culture war in America, and it is a zero-sum game.

Either our side wins and we remain a free state and country, or the other side wins and America rots from within and eventually achieves third world, fallen empire status.

So the Left is not targeting Tennessee by accident.

You see, the “progressive” policies of the Marxist Left are destroying the states where it is most advanced, states like California, New York, New Jersey, Illinois, Maryland, the New England states, Washington and Oregon.

The parasite Left of those states are consuming and destroying their hosts as the effects of the policies they voted for take effect.

Their schools have destroyed the students, their infrastructure is crumbling, families don’t exist, drug addiction and homelessness is everywhere, property, income and sales taxes are through the roof and more.

So the Left is looking for more “hosts.”

And now, in part because of Bill Lee, Tennessee is square in their sites.

Because it is, we need to make quick work of building a powerful, grassroots ARMY of gun owners from every corner of the state, marching in lockstep against the tyranny of their gun-control.

The message heard in the capital from this point forward must be a unified, powerful and clear HELL NO on gun-control of any kind, and it must originate from every district in the state.

NO compromise. NO retreat. NO surrender.

“Tennessee Gun Owners”

Tennessee does not need one or two or even a team of smooth-talking lobbyists wandering the halls of the capitol, bouncing around from office to office like rubber balls to slap backs and beg that a portion of our freedoms be left intact.

We need thousands of real Tennesseans, like you.

That’s why Tennessee Gun Owners (TGO) is getting to work building out a grassroots army of THOUSANDS of pro-gun Tennesseans that hail from every town, every city, every holler, every farm and every suburb.

We are going to bring this army up to speed on what is really happening in Nashville, equip them with the tools they need to advocate for themselves, and then put them, their families and their friends directly in contact with their legislators.

Because in all my years of being a gun rights activist, I this for certain: thousands of angry, educated, mobilized gun rights “lobbyists” that vote will trump political hack lobbyists every single time.

Seasons of Change

In gun politics, there are two seasons of political reality: legislative season and election season.

Election season is when everyone running for office tells you everything they think you want to hear.

They promise you the moon and tell you that if you’ll vote for them, the 2nd Amendment will be so protected and we’ll all be free and blah blah blah….

Take Bill Lee for example.

As a candidate who wanted gun owners to vote for him, he said:

“I was the first candidate to affirm my support for arming school teachers to aid in the defense of our schools.”


“As governor, I would be dedicated to defending our Constitutional rights, including those guaranteed by Article I, Section 26 of the Tennessee Constitution, and the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution.”


“As your governor, I will not govern as a politician. I will govern to uphold the liberties guaranteed to the people of Tennessee. I will sign legislation that strengthens these fundamental rights.”

In other words, Bill Lee promised to govern like you or me would govern when it comes to gun rights.

And because he made those promises, he was rewarded by gun owners with their votes.

But Billy Lee lied and betrayed those gun voters.

With his butt sitting comfortably in the chair behind the desk that taxpayers pay for, he has gone pure politician, kowtowing to the fake news and actively pushing gun-control laws for the Left.

In short, Bill Lee said whatever he needed to say to get elected, and the promises he is breaking now is just “the cost of doing business.”

Sadly, when it comes to the legislative season, there are LOTS of legislators in Nashville who are just like Billy Lee.

These legislators promise during election season that they’ll fight like John Wayne if you will just vote for them, but they legislate like Taylor Swift when they get elected.

This is unacceptable, and it is how the Left will ultimately win if we do not change our tactics.

“Hunting Season”

Knowing that politicians generally get worse once they get elected, Tennessee Gun Owners takes a different approach to gun lobbying than the typical “build relationships and shake hands and beg” approach.

That’s why we designed Tennessee Gun Owners to be free to take political action unrestricted by loyalties, allegiances and alliances with or to the political class in “permanent Nashville.”

TGO’s foundation rests on Article 1, Section 26 of the TN Constitution, the 2nd Amendment to the US Constitution, and our loyalties are welded to the members and supporters of Tennessee Gun Owners alone.

Nobody else and nothing else.

Because of this, we are free to pursue the third-rail of gun rights politics, which we affectionately call “political huntin’ season.”

In short, the best advocacy for gun rights can often be most effectively accomplished through mobilization during elections, and particularly during Republican Primary elections.

Have you ever wondered why “Republicans” like Bill Lee, Jack Johnson and Randy McNally feel so bold as to take massive swings at our gun rights, when they campaigned otherwise?

The answer is simple:

RINOS feel able to “appease” the Left and attack gun rights because Tennessee gun owners, as a voting bloc, are not politically feared.

So because gun owners are not politically feared, they are politically disrespected, as we are seeing right now.

The way to change that sentiment is by aggressively holding those responsible for attacking our gun rights to account during Republican primary elections.

In the past, holding Republicans accountable for betraying their oaths of office during Republican primaries was considered “political suicide” by the Permanent Nashville, RINO establishment crowd, because people used to think that “building relationships” with the political class was the key to success.

The good news is, holding RINO’s accountable by punishing them in Republican primary elections is the rough, hostile environment that Tennessee Gun Owners is the most comfortable in.

It is our specialty.

Hard Tactics, Powerful Freedoms

In March of 2018, shortly after the Parkland, Florida shooting, RINO Ohio Governor John Kasich did exactly what Bill Lee is doing now and launched a massive push to pass Red Flag Gun Confiscation.

During the press conference announcing his plans, he told reporters that his goal was to pass it in Ohio so that he could show Republican-controlled states across the country that they could pass gun-control in their states, too.

Ohio Gun Owners, an organization I am proud to help run to this day, set out on the same path Tennessee Gun Owners is setting out upon, and we crushed every Republican that jumped on board with Kasich’s plan.

We defeated it.

In August of 2019, when a killer murdered 9 people in Dayton, OH, newly-elected Republican Governor Mike DeWine launched an even bigger attack on gun rights and pushed for Red Flag Gun Confiscation, an Assault Weapons Ban and a “Hi-Capacity Magazine ban.”

Once again, Ohio Gun Owners deployed the hard-hitting tactics Tennessee Gun Owners is going to use, and not only did we defeat the entire DeWine gun-control agenda, but we passed Stand-Your-Ground Law and Constitutional Carry in the same General Assembly instead.


I’m asking you today to become a founding member of Tennessee Gun Owners.

It will probably be few days 😊 before we become the biggest, but our goal will always be to be the hardest-hitting and the best.

That’s why we want you on board.

Sure, other groups have different focuses and we like to work together when we can, but we are looking for the most ardent and fearless patriots we can find to be a part of this organization.

We are looking for members who love their families, love their communities, love their heritage and love their legacy enough to know that we must do what is necessary now so that our kids and our grandkids will not be forced to pay the massive price of purchasing freedom from slavery.

TGO will be using every communication medium available, too.

We will of course use the usual platforms of direct-mail (un-censorable) and email.

But are also building out our social and digital media platforms as well, to make sure we are delivering timely, relevant content to our members on the platforms they already use, like:

  • Instagram
  • TikTok
  • Twitch
  • Facebook
  • Rumble
  • Telegram
  • Twitter
  • Discord

There will be others, but as an organization we know that we will lose the fight for gun rights if the next generation is abandoned to the radical Left, and reaching every demographic where they are is very important to us.

Your Voice

We know how hard it is to stay caught up in life.

From marriages, to kids and grandkids, to jobs, to bills, to budgets, to surviving the day, life is not easy for everyone all the time.

Tennessee Gun Owners is being built from the ground up to be your voice and your HAMMER at the capitol in Nashville, to make it easier for you to be an efficient partaker in defending your own freedoms and liberties, both now and for those generations to follow.

Will you join us?

For Liberty,

Chris Dorr, Director
Tennessee Gun Owners


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