TN Received Bribe to Pass Red Flags?

TN Received Bribe to Pass Red Flags?

Wednesday, August 16th, 2023
By Monday morning, the Tennessee “Special Session” called by Governor Bill Lee to pass ‘Red Flag Gun Confiscation’ will probably be underway, so we need to act fast.

I assumed that this fight to stop ‘Red Flags’ was coming to Tennessee (even without help from Bill Lee), especially after weak-kneed Republicans in Congress helped Joe Biden allocate 750 million dollars to use in bribing states into passing ‘Red Flag’ laws last summer.

And now it has.

We’ve just learned that the State of Tennessee has received a stunning $6,722,537 bribe from the federal government to pass a ‘Red Flag Gun Confiscation’ law in Nashville!

The purpose of this money is obvious: give Tennessee politicians a taste of this money and promise them tens of millions of additional dollars when they pass and begin enforcement of ‘Red Flag Gun Confiscation!’

Please sign your petition, demanding that your State Representative and State Senator in Nashville vote no on ‘Red Flag’ laws!


You see, thanks to the work of mobilized gun owners over the years, the Nashville elites know that an outright ban on AR-15s would likely fail – for now.

But with millions of federal dollars on the line, and with the fake news media, every gun-control organization in America and Governor Bill Lee howling for a Red Flag law, this is becoming a very dangerous threat! 

The fact is, ‘Red Flag’ laws are a drone-strike on your Constitutional rights.

If enacted, ‘Red Flag’ laws allow virtually anyone to claim that you are a danger to yourself or someone else and ask a judge to order the seizure of your firearms.

And because these court proceeding at held ex-parte, you won’t know a thing about it until the cops are at your door!

But that’s just the beginning.

‘Red Flag Gun Confiscation’ legislation would also:

>>>  Obliterate your due process rights by allowing a liberal judge to order the confiscation of your firearms before you have been arrested, charged, or convicted of anything!

A Tennessean with no criminal background whatsoever could have his firearms confiscated before he ever sets foot in a courtroom. You would have more rights in traffic court!

>>>  Create bogus ‘evidence’ that could be used against you in a ‘red flag’ hearing. The recent purchase of a firearm or ammo could be used against you in these hearings!

Almost every version of ‘Red Flags’ that our team has ever reviewed lists off the purchase of a gun or ammunition as proof that you’re dangerous. It’s a no-win situation.

>>>  Institute an almost built-in renewal process where you would have to prove you were not going to commit a crime, otherwise, the seizure order would apply for another year!

So if you’re unable to afford a lawyer to deal with this, can’t take time off of work, or are simply angry that you need to prove your innocence, you’ll remain ‘Red Flagged.’

This is what the Radical Left has wanted for a very long time: the ability to bureaucratically disarm gun owners in America — without the ‘hassle’ of convicting them of a crime.

There was a time when I would have assumed that this bill would be dead on arrival here in Nashville. But not anymore.

Tennessee has already taken millions from Biden for ‘Red  Flags,’ they will get tens of millions more if they pass this bill into law and they are in “Special Session” RIGHT NOW to consider this and ONLY this issue!

That’s why I hope you’ll sign your petition so that we can immediately deliver them to their offices in Nashville!

In addition to petitioning, TGO is already executing a massive mobilization program to put pressure on the General Assembly from within their districts, using a combination of:

  • Hard-hitting digital and social media ads that are boosted across the state, ensuring that tens of thousands of gun owners are aware of this threat and take action!These ads are getting huge traction, often with hundreds or thousands of likes and shares, greatly boosting their reach and the calls/emails/petitions that they are generating.
  • Our massive email and direct mail programs to mobilize TGO members (but especially other gun owners.) Few things convey the seriousness of this situation like these updates.Our email program works so well because it allows gun owners to contact the legislature with 1-click of their mouse. Our direct mail is powerful because Big Tech can’t censor it!
  • Scaling up our text message program that allows us to put alerts right onto the cell phones of tens of thousands of gun owners in less than thirty minutes!These texting campaigns are fantastic, because they appear right on a gun owner’s phone and have built in action links that enable almost immediate action.

Every part of our program is hammering away for one purpose: to make sure that every State Senator and every State Representative here in Tennessee knows that gun owners expect them to oppose ‘Red Flag’ laws! 

You see, Tennessee Gun Owners is not like other organizations.We don’t blindly trust Republican majorities to do the right thing when it comes to gun control. That’s how Indiana and Florida ended up with Red Flags laws on the books.

No, we are aggressive and no-holds-barred so that everyone in Nashville knows what will happen to their careers if they support any form of ‘Red Flag Gun Confiscation.’

Your petitions are a key part of this program.

So please sign right away. And when you do, please consider including a donation of $100 so that we can keep executing the programs I laid out above.

‘Red Flags’ for Tennessee are officially at “RED ALERT.” With the General Assembly meeting in only a few days, we can’t pull back now!

We need to get loud, FIGHT BACK and hold the line.

So if $100 just isn’t possible, please give $50, $25, or whatever you can afford today!

Ten years ago, the gun rights issue was largely Democrat v Republican.

It’s not that way anymore.

These days the fight for gun rights is between Democrats/RINOs v Conservatives and grassroots gun owners –- and we have a lot of RINOs here in Nashville.

And with tens of millions of federal dollars tempting them, we can’t afford to sit on our butts and “hope for the best!”

So please sign your petition and consider a generous donation to this fight today!

For Tennessee,

Chris Dorr, Director
Tennessee Gun Owners

P.S. Last summer Joe Biden signed legislation that gave him $750 million to use in bribing states into passing ‘Red Flag Gun Confiscation’ — Tennessee just received $6.7 MILLION of it!

‘Red Flag’ laws allow liberal judges to order your firearms confiscated at secret hearings and before you’ve been charged, arrested, or convicted of anything.

And with the Tennessee General Assembly meeting in just days to consider passing ‘Red Flags,’ we need to take action!

Please immediately sign your petition opposing ‘Red Flags!

And when you do, I hope you’ll consider a a gift of $100, $50 or $25 TODAY!
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